July 14th
The Acolyte and Agatha All Along LGBTQIA+ scandal!

July 7th

July 1st
Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!

June 23rd
You're wrong about The Acolyte (and The Boys)

June 17th
Rebel Moon gets a name change and extended editions

June 10th
The Best of Summer Game Fest + more!

June 4th
The end of movie theatres, Mission Impossible movies and much more

May 20th
Scotland mourns a national treasure and much more

May 13th
Disney and Warners join forces meaning we're back to cable. Cord cutting was fun while it lasted.

May 5th
Summer 2024 blockbuster predictions and much more

April 28th
Paramount CEO out and the podcast ends abruptly

April 22nd
Fallout, Baby Reindeer and What's With Rebel Moon Part 2

April 14th
Cinemacon - what happened!

March 31st
Spinal Tap is back, The Penguin trailer and much more

March 24th
The Joker and The Ghostbusters return to terrify New York City

March 24th
OSCARS! What's happening with Marvel + more

March 10th
End of an era. Last episode from here + OSCARS + more

March 3rd
Superman loses his legacy and so does Willy Wonka

February 25th
Jedis, Super Heros and the Beatles are here to stay

February 18th
Xbox everywhere. Wait, when were the BAFTAS on!

February 11th
Quabity over quantity at Disney. What did we think of The Traitors!

February 4th
Carl Weathers, dead at 76. Oscar predictions and much more

January 28th
Price hikes at Netflix, the gang's all back for Daredevil and much more!

January 21st
We're Quitting YouTubecd SuperKellyBros\! Not really, but She-Hulk is quitting Disney+

January 14th
Golden Globe Winners - How did we do. New images of the original three Ghostbusters in Frozen Empire and much more

January 7th
Mickey Mouse enters Public Domain. Sort of.

December 17th 2023
Wonka solid opening weekend, Future Aquaman and Mario movies? All this and more...

December 12th 2023
Game Awards 2023 winners and much more

December 3rd 2023
The Marvels closes out box office run with failure

November 26th 2023
Dave Filoni is the new CCO at Lucasfilm

November 19th 2023
More Frozen, less Warners is the news out of Hollywood

November 5th 2023
End of the supes? Marvel on the ropes

October 29th 2023
Matthew Perry dead at 54

October 15th 2023
Disney to shut down animation studio, all this and much more

October 8th 2023
Our 5th Anniversary! Watch along to our Big Red Flag short film

October 1st 2023
WGA Strike is Over! All this and more on tonight's podcast

September 24th 2023
Amazon Prime getting ads, WGA close to a deal and much more!

September 17th 2023
Oppenheimer breaks another record at the box office. All this and more on tonight's podcast

September 10th 2023
Rotten Tomatoes Paid Review Scandal + much more

September 3rd 2023
What's coming to TV Screens this Fall

August 30th 2023
Gran Tourismo and Barbie head to head at box office. Will GT get pole position

August 20th 2023
Blue Beetle dethrones Barbie in weak opening weekend

August 13th 2023
Elements back in fashion as Barbie shows signs of slowing

August 6th 2023
Barbie Hits $1bn Box Office

July 23rd 2023
Barbenheimer wins at the box office

July 16th 2023
SAF-AFTRA joins Hollywood strike

July 9th 2023
Box office continues its slide in 2023

July 2nd 2023
Indy whipped at box office, The Flash in the pan and more

July 2nd 2023
Indy whipped at box office, The Flash in the pan and more

June 11th 2023
Disney makes a robot, Little Mermaid doing swimmingly and much more

June 4th 2023
WGA strike still on, Spiderverse has legs

May 14th 2023
Eurovision, Guardians of the Galaxy win big

May 7th 2023
WGA Strike - What does that mean for productions

April 30th 2023
Russo Brothers Running out of Steam?

April 16th 2023
Renfield fails to take a bite at the box office

April 10th 2023
Star Wars Celebration 2023

April 2nd 2023
Bob Iger making some changes over at Disney

March 26th 2023
Jonathan Majors Problem for Marvel

March 12th 2023
200th episode - Mandalorian and OSCARS 2023

March 5th 2023
Creed K.O.s Ant-Man and the Wasp

February 26th 2023
Cocaine Bear leaps into the lead

February 19th 2023
Ant-Man 3 Best Open for Trilogy

February 12th 2023
Netflix Stop Sharing Passwords

February 5th 2023
Avatar hits the Top Four and much more

January 22nd 2023
Avatar $2bn: The Way of Money

January 15th 2023
OSCAR predictions and much more

January 8th 2023
Jeremy gets better and much more

December 18th 2022
Cavill OUT as Superman

December 11th 2022
DCEU is worse than you think

December 4th 2022
Indy 5 rumors are true!? Plus Cocaine Bear and much more

November 27th 2022
The Bob is dead. Long live The Bob!

November 20th 2022
Like a good Neighbour, Amazon is here! And much more!

November 13th 2022
Andor rebounds in viewership, Wakanda takes over box office and much more!

November 6th 2022
Disney World hotel is like a prison?!?!

October 30th 2022
DC Movies get some new Guardians and much more!

October 23rd 2022
Netflix turns the ship around

October 23rd 2022
Can Chris Pratt Save the New Mario Movie

October 2nd 2022
Bruce Willis Sells likeness? Stadia to Shutter and much more!

September 25th 2022
Andor is out. We need to talk

September 18th 2022
The Woman King has strong box office opening and we take a look at some trailers

September 11th 2022
Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney, 20th Century Fox, all the TV and movie news from D23

September 4th 2022
Blackbird, The Wow Cube and Rian doubles down. All this and more!

August 28th 2022
WB woes again, WandaVision show runner tapped for Fantastic Four and much more!

August 21st 2022
Tom and Jonah quit social media and much more

August 14th 2022
Disney and Netflix oh my! Streaming services feeling the pressure

August 7th 2022
Cleanup on aisle HBO Max!

July 31st 2022
Our thoughts on all the SD Comic Con announcements

July 16th 2022
Stranger Things review, Thor: Love and Thunder review and much more

July 3rd 2022
Stranger Things Crashes Netflix! How much for a drink and much, much more

June 26th 2022
Ezra Miller and the Farm

June 19th 2022
End of the line for Ezra Miller?

June 12th 2022
Squid Game 2, Obi Wan Billboard and tonnes of trailers!

June 5th 2022
What's next for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Top Gun riding high and good news for Scrubs!

May 22nd 2022
Chip and Dale is great! Go see it! And much more

May 15th 2022
Dr Strange still on top, Firestarter fizzles & much more

May 7th 2022
Doctor Strange Full Review + Much More!

May 1st 2022
Cinemacon and all Sony, Disney, Paramount and Universal releases

April 24th 2022
Netflix and Disney in hot water this week

April 17th 2022
Obi-Wan Writers, any good? + much more!

April 10th 2022
Will Smith Banned, Moon Knight, Jimmy Savile + much more!

April 3rd 2022
Will Smith resigns from Oscars

March 27th 2022
OSCAR nominations and we're back!

January 30th 2022
Mando reveal, Peter Dinklage in trouble..?

January 23rd 2022
Microsoft Buys Activision|Blizzard and much more!

January 16th 2022
Peacemaker debut series, and Netflix ups the subscription charge

January 9th 2022
Spider-Man tops box office!

January 2nd 2022
Best of '21 and What to Expect from '22

December 19th 2021
Spidey brings it home + much more!

December 12th 2021
Star Wars Eclipse and Galactic Cruiser and much more

December 5th 2021
Beatles Get Back and much more

November 21st 2021
CBS cancels Star Trek for all but Canada/US, Spider-Man trailer

November 14th 2021
Disney+, Eternals, Obi Wan and much more

November 7th 2021
Third Birthday

October 31st 2021
Dune, Buzz Lightyear, Quantumania an much more!

October 24th 2021
Jody's Thoughts on Dune

October 17th 2021
DC Fandome, Sky Glass and Genesis Does What Nintendont

October 10th 2021
No Time To Die Box Office, WandaVision spin off and much more!

October 3rd 2021
Disney and Marvel Suing All the People!

September 26th 2021
Emmys-smemies, Netflix trailers, Foundation and much more!

September 19th 2021
Emmys, obits and Han Solo

September 12th 2021
PS5 showcast and much more!

September 5th 2021
Red Notice Trailer, Sarah Harding, Rick and Morty and much more

August 22nd 2021
Ready or Not, The name is Delay, Release Delay and much more

August 15th 2021
Free Guy doing well, all the Star Wars movies coming and much more

August 8th 2021
Suicide Squad poor opener, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser and much more

August 1st 2021
Scarlett Sues Mickey, Batbike crash and much more

July 26th 2021
Snyder's Netflix deal, Shazam 2, Daredevil reboot and much more

July 18th 2021
Valve's Steam Deck, Indy 5 new info and much more

July 11th 2021
Zack Snyder's new things, set pics from Indy 5 and much more

July 4th 2021
Star Wars Visions release date and F9 still top

June 27th 2021
Harrison gets injured, Liam says enough and much more

June 20th 2021
E3 rundown and new Obi Wan pics

June 13th 2021
Indy 5 Set Photos, EA Hacked and Rob Zombie did what..?

June 6th 2021
Loki starts this week and Indy starts filming in England

May 30th 2021
The one where Amazon buys MGM

May 23rd 2021
Dave Feloni gets a promotion, Star Wars project scrapped and much more

May 16th 2021
Friends Reunion is on, Ewan McGregor has a secret and much more

May 9th 2021
Cassian Andor video from the set and more

May 2nd 2021
Oscar Predictions - So how did we do?

April 25th 2021
PS4 Battery Woes

April 18th 2021
Rian Johnson back at Star Wars? Mads for Indy and Friends Reunited

April 11th 2021
Lightsabers are real! Indy 5 casting! Netflix bought what?!

April 4th 2021
Obi Wan Set Pictures and PS5 Controller Drift

March 28th 2021
Sebastian Stan and Brie Larson rumours, Benedict Cumberbatch can't show his face

March 21st 2021
One Year Of Tiger King

March 14th 2021
Avatar is king of the box office again

March 7th 2021
Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker and other rumours

February 28th 2021
Disney Star, Loki and Bad Batch Release Dates

February 21st 2021
Episode 110 - Gina Out at Lucasfilm

February 7th 2021
Superb Owl 2021

January 31st 2021
The Return of Qui Gon Jinn!

January 24th 2021
500lb Gorilla In The Room

January 17th 2021
Help Me Wanda

January 10th 2021
Operation OSCAR

January 4th 2021
Swiss Cheese

December 28th 2020
Death to 2020

December 20th 2020
Fett Fett Fett

December 13th 2020
They Invest But We Disney!

December 6th 2020
The 100th Episode

November 29th 2020
She's Behind You

November 22nd 2020

November 15th 2020
Dank Farrik

November 8th 2020
Good Grief!

November 1st 2020
Two Weeks in the Making

October 18th 2020
Star Wars Comes Tae Scotland

October 4th 2020
Individual Fingers

October 4th 2020
Two Years But Who's Counting

September 24th 2020
Have We No News For You

September 24th 2020
Baby Yoda Has Entered The Chat

September 13th 2020
The One With All The Edits

September 6th 2020
Welcome to the Palindrome

August 30th 2020
Content ID

August 23rd 2020
Sad Trombone

August 16th 2020
Peak Streaming

August 9th 2020
Say No To Face... Huggers

August 2nd 2020
Full Montage

July 12th 2020
Frank's Ring Knock

July 12th 2020
Getting Down for the Gherkins

July 5th 2020

June 28th 2020
M-Arrrrgh-O Robbie

June 14th 2020
The Last Of Us Unboxing (Fail)

June 14th 2020
Nutty Surprise

June 7th 2020
The Alleged Episode

May 31st 2020
Out of This World

May 24th 2020
That Difficult 74th Episode

May 17th 2020

May 10th 2020
More Fun Than a Pandemic

May 3rd 2020
Handmade Podcast

April 26th 2020
Turn The Machines Back On

April 19th 2020
Everyday is Like Someday

April 12th 2020
Elephant in the Room

April 5th 2020
Frosted Flakes

March 29th 2020
Be Kind Rewind

March 22nd 2020
Virtual Insanity

March 15th 2020
Happy Endings

March 8th 2020
Rise of Disappointment

February 23rd 2020
Friends Reunited

February 16th 2020
Banjo Kazooie

February 9th 2020

February 2nd 2020
Oscar Nom Nom Noms

January 19th 2020

January 12th 2020

January 5th 2020
Forget This Joker

December 29th 2019
Nine and a Half Ewoks

December 22nd 2019
The Christmas Episode

December 15th 2019
Heist in Space

December 8th 2019
Year One

December 1st 2019
Episode 51 - Where's Chuckie?

November 24th 2019
Episode 50 - The Big Five Oh

November 17th 2019
Episode 49 - Taxi for Mando

November 10th 2019
Joy Stranding

November 3rd 2019
Je(DIY) Special

October 27th 2019
Nice to Batuu You Too

October 13th 2019
Who's This Joker

October 6th 2019
Rambo II Review

September 29th 2019
Holiday Special Effects

September 22nd 2019
Factual Incorrection

September 15th 2019
The Lucky Dutch

September 8th 2019
Snickers Breath

September 1st 2019
Who is this Joker?

August 17th 2019
Can't Get Enough of the D23

August 18th 2019
The Abrupt Ending

August 11th 2019
Disney Remakes Fox

August 4th 2019
Epic Universe

July 28th 2019
The Sweatbox

July 21st 2019
Ticking Your Own Corn

June 30th 2019
Wee Jimmy Moon

June 23rd 2019
Wake Up Call For Skywalker

June 16th 2019
Back in the Game

June 9th 2019
There Are Four Episodes

June 2nd 2019
Onwards and Upwards

May 26th 2019
Game of Phones

May 19th 2019
Kelly vs. Kelly

May 12th 2019
No Trilogy For You

May 5th 2019
Let The Wookie Win

April 28th 2019
Finger Snap

April 21st 2019
All The Star Wars Things

April 7th 2019
Bring Me The Head of Armitage Shanks

March 31st 2019
Microwavable Popcorn

March 24th 2019
HP Does But Walt Disney

March 3rd 2019
Super Glitch

February 24th 2019
Rumour Has It

February 17th 2019
Oscar Nominations Shnominations

February 10th 2019
A Little Bit of Politics

January 27th 2019
Working for the Mouse

January 20th 2019
Reboots Everywhere

January 13th 2019
The Last Jedi DVD Commentary

January 6th 2019
Sounds Like You're In The Hole

December 16th 2018
Light on the Laughs

December 9th 2018
You're Using the Wrong Finger

December 2nd 2018
Playstation Shmaystation

November 25th 2018
Sand in My Baps

November 18th 2018

November 11th 2018
Guess who?

November 4th 2018
Nothing to Declare But My Jeans

October 28th 2018
Drivin' The Choo-Choo Train

October 21st 2018
Baker's Dozen Plus One

May 1st 2022
Cinemacon and all Sony, Disney, Paramount and Universal releases

May 1st 2022
Cinemacon and all Sony, Disney, Paramount and Universal releases

October 4th 2018
Oh! Solo Mio!